Roll of Honour to 2006

Those Arborfield Old Boys lost before our 2006 Reunion at Arborfield

AdesH T JJim45A16th June 2001
AndersonE CAndy46Bunknown
AndrewsA M WTony47A21st March 1996
ArcherR F ADan54Bunknown
ArmstrongDDavid46B3rd Sept 1992
AustenB W EBertie42A8th May 2002
BakerP RCosh43A28th Oct 1977
BaldockR LCurly42B29th Aug 1994
BamfordJ H54Aunknown
BaneN ANorman42BNov-02
BennermanR W39Aunknown
BarberR C39B22nd Oct. 1992
BarnesR W52Bunknown
BarrettW GBill42CFeb. 1997
BaxterJ BJohn39Bunknown
BeadleArthur42A14th May 2004
BeckC N54Bunknown
BennetC AClifford39Xunknown
BlayneyRRoy39B1st July 2005
BoardmanS PSydney39B1995
BoneD CDavid44B4th Jan 2001
BowenM HMervyn39C6th Dec 2002
BullP N55Bunknown
BurnsMMickeyPSFeb. 1997
ButcherN J H46A2003
CaineP H EPeter44A2002
CameronGGeorge41A9th Sept 2000
ChandlerJ CJeffreyPSSept. 1997
ChantlerC F41ASept. 1997
CharlwoodL KLionel49BNov. 1994
CharnleyDDave79C19th April 2005
ClarkK CKenneth42A4th June 1999
ClarkeJ WJames46A12th Feb 1993
ClimoJ F56Aunknown
CoatesD G 56BOct. 1995
CopleyJJohn43AMay. 2006
CoultasVVince41AFeb. 2006
CowlesL E JLen42B19th June 2004
CracknellF LFrederick39Bunknown
Cresswell MBED H JDougie42A26th Dec 2008
CrookesLLes39B10th May 1998
CrossD WDavid42C18th Dec 2006
DadeW ABill44Cunknown
DalhousieN HNorman43A1st Dec 1999
DandyA NNeville53A3rd March 2006
DayA AAlec37X19th July 1998
Devey MBEM WMichael60B23rd June 2005
DewarJJohn45A24th Feb 2006
DewdneyN FNorman56B5th Dec 2000
DickinsonM JMichael42A4th Sept 2006
DobieJ LJoePS3rd Aug 2006
DohertyE TEdward39B13th Jan 2002
DrakeA FAnthony38B19th Dec 1995
DunklingJ RJohn39B31st March 1996
DunklingA HAlbert42B13th July 2005
EaryRRichard44BMar. 1997
EdwardsP DPeter42A17th June 2000
FlemingP KPatPS1997
FosterHHarry45A13th April 1989
FranceG RBomber38COct. 1996
FrazerF HFrank42C1st Jan 2004
FursdenN W HNorman38Cunknown
GibbyP WPeter55B31st Oct 2000
GibsonP RPhil54A26th Oct 2002
GillN DNorman38C14th Mar 2002
GoffD JDave53B18th Jan 2006
GostlingJJohn45A29th Mar 2004
GoughJ MJohn42B1997
GranthamTrevor42A27th Apr 2000
GriffinH RBob41AOct.1995
GuyD TDerek42Bunknown
HagueR JRon50B12th Apr 2003
HallA WArthurPS1996
HamerW HWally42B1996
HamiltonJJohn39B20th July 2003
HarmsworthE F42Bunknown
HarrisonP E CPeter50BJan.2003
HastingsC D WCharles46BSept. 1996
HewettJ WJack39AJune. 1999
HillJ WJohnPSunknown
HollandR F GRon39B2nd July 2000
HopkinsR T39A3rd June 1993
HowesD J BDouglas38BNov. 2000
HoyesT JPiper44B2005
HughesRSpike45B5th Jan 2003
HughesT HHarryPS10th Sept 1998
HumeI D MIan49A21st June 2002
HunterA T KTony53B12th Feb 2002
HutchinsonR JJim42A13th July 2001
IsgroveDDavid62C26th Oct 1996
JacksonR JBob44A2003
JenkinsE FEarnest39Xunknown
KendrickR MKen44A30th Mar 1996
KerrS NSteve62Clate 2000
KnightG HGeorge44A16th Jan 2006
Knight BEMM F HMike44A16th Oct 2003
Lakes CB MCG HGordon43AApril. 06
LangleyP LPeter41A30th Sept 2003
Le RenduR GRon39B20th Sept 2003
LewisD JDavid86B21st Jan 1996
ListerD DDavidPSunknown
LovelaceA E FAlan51AMar. 2006
LuckhurstM GMick47BJan. 1997
LudfordA WArchie38B3rd Feb 2000
LyleA S43Aunknown
LyndomH J OHerbert39A15th April 2001
MammattR GBlondie42C2000
MarshJ EJohn60A2nd Oct 1996
MatyearD HDavid49BApr. 2003
MaughanR WRay39B27th Sept 2004
McGrillenR W GBob46B12th March 2005
McLauchlanA GAlec47A10th Aug 2000
McNallyR LPSunknown
MelhuishC IClive50A2nd Sept 2005
MillerI MIan43ABefore 2/94
MillerR FRoy41A2002
MoretonM SMalcolm47B21st June 2003
MorrisN E J56Bunknown
MurrayG W55AFeb.2003
NelsonP TPeter43AFeb/Mar. 1995
O’BrienJ S42Cunknown
OliverR W54B30th June 1995
OwenJ EJohn43Bunknown
Ozanne BEMN ENickPS14th Feb 1999
PackmanJ TJohn39A24th Jan 2006
PageW HBill43A18th Jan 2002
PanterDJDavid46A12th June 2001
ParkinsonDDerek54A14th July 2001
ParsonsA J Peter42B18th Sept 2003
ParsonsM J Mike46B26th Feb 2000
PattersonD ADouglas49A1994
PayneP J R39Xunknown
PearceT LTom44A12th Jan 1997
PearsonLLaurie39B26th Mar 2002
PercivalE LPSSept/Oct 1997
PerkinsA JAnthony65BPre Jan 2000
PritchardN DNorman39C16th Dec 1999
RaynerP CPhil39A28th Oct 2004
ReynoldsE CEric51B3rd Sept 2005
RichardsBBrynPSAug. 94
RobertsD L56BNov. 2005
RobertsE LErnest39B2005
RushG LGeorge44B3rd Oct 2005
RussellJ H WJohnPS2003
SaddF CFredPS15th Nov 1995
SandsJ P John42B16th Aug 2002
SchofieldK GKen62C24th Oct 1997
ScraggC GColin54A23rd Sept 2003
ScurrG TGeorge39A29th Nov 2004
ShandW55B23rd Oct 2005
SheppardG S55AJune. 2001
ShinnP HPeter44A30th Dec 2006
SimmonsJ FJim55Aunknown
SkewsJ W54Aunknown
SmallmanR DRichard39C13th May 1999
SmithG H50Aunknown
SmithRRodney56BJune. 2007
SmithD E S Donald42A17th Sept 2005
SpearmanI CIvan42C22nd Nov 2006
StantonA54BMay. 1997
StevensBBrian54AJune. 2003
StockeyH F VFred39B2003
StokesH H RHoward43B1st Dec 1992
SullivanW J MJohn39B14th Feb 1999
SumnerF GGeoff43BOct. 1992
TannerE JEdward42B20th Dec 2001
TarbrookeA51BMay. 1996
ThompsonGGordon47A21st June 2002
TiltD LDavid45B2003
TingeyW HBill39Aunknown
TivyI VVic44B5th July 2005
ToddJ A CJohn52A4th Dec 2006
TomlinsonA CArthur42A7th Jan 2007
TomsM J48Bunknown
TozerE S Ernie48A15th May 2004
TruesdellR E 54B6th Oct 1999
UrenE C39CFeb. 1983
ValentineH JValPS18th Apr 2001
WallisP C56Bunknown
WalpoleP FPeter53A2nd Nov 1997
WellerB G GSam 54B2003
WellsB G GBrian54A23rd July 2006
WhaleWWilliam44APre Jan 2000
WilliamsD G H52Aunknown
WilliamsT J82Cunknown
WilsonPPaul42A31st July 2003
WorboysKKeith39B19th Jan 2004
WrightRRalph56B16th June 2006
YoungP R56Aunknown
YoungPPhilip39BJul. 1996

One Comment on “Roll of Honour to 2006

  1. Major James Stanyer REME went to BMW works to collect a new car for a neighbour. He travelled non stop down and back in the shortest time embarked the MS Herald of Free Enterprise and went to a cabin to sleep. The ship was a roll-on/roll-off ferry which capsized moments after leaving the Belgian port of Zeebrugge on the night of 6 March 1987, killing 193 passengers and crew. Most were lucky to survive but not that lovely bloke and friend Jim Stanyer. RIP,
    reported by Malcolm (Lofty) Russell.

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