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Old Boys Association Newsletter 80 now available in the members section. This edition now has the download function built into the viewer. Please use the button now showing at the bottom of the page flipping screen to download the Newsletter in PDF format. I will work through the other editions and add the button to…

Reported Losses

Ted Stanford has reported the 2 following deaths via facebook. Grant M. (Egg) Upton, Intake 60C; DOD 16.05.21 Leslie (Les) Pitt, Intake 60C; DOD 01.07.21 Our thoughts are with their families at this time.

New Feature – Article Comments

I have introduced a new feature to the website for Members only and that is the ability to now comment on the articles that are posted. At present the comments will be moderated before publication for a short while so please be patient and wait for them to appear! The idea is to encourage Members…

Arborfield Horses Unveiling!

It was a very nice occasion and I met up with Bill and Larry Le-Var. After a glass of bubbly and a few speeches the unveiling took place. Thereafter we had a good catch up. Very enjoyable day. I did a couple of TV interviews but I never made the BBC cut … most likely…

R.E.M.E Journal 1984

An interesting booklet provided by Ted Stanford – particularly the article about the “Old School/College” !

More Sad Losses

Sadly more deaths to report: Michael L. Wright, 62A, DOD 17.05.21 William (Bill) Cummings 73C; DOD 16.05.21 Robert E (Bob) Merry 61A, DOD 22.05.21 As always our thoughts are with family and friends at this time.