Produced three times a year the Old Boys Association Newsletter (“OBAN”) is our link to what is going on in the AOBA. It is a MUST for everyone, but you must be an Active Member to receive it, only fair! Therefore, if you want to receive your very own issue of the OBAN then why not join us today and you will be assured of a very warm welcome. Join Us

Production and Delivery of the OBAN

As everyone is aware the cost of producing and delivering the OBAN is rising year on year. In addition to this the administration required to post each copy across the world is becoming exceedingly difficult. The AOBA Committee strive to implement cost savings in producing and delivery methods, whilst still supporting the very high standard of the publication.

“Interactive” versions of all OBAN Issues are available to Active Members. Once logged onto the website you can gain access to these “Interactive” versions via the Membership Menu.

Every Member has the opportunity of being able to download their copy of OBAN as a PDF file. The standard of production will of course be as high as a printed copy, but you would be saving the AOBA both a significant cost (which would increase the amount available to the AOBA supported Charities) and administrative time. Again, this option is available only to Active Members via the Membership Menu

Message from the OBAN Editor

Contributions in terms of articles, photographs, hobbies, stories and escapades from your time as an Apprentice and beyond plus jokes and notice of mini-reunions and other events are greatly received as they are the life blood of the OBAN to continue to give information updates of the AOBA and invigorate the memory of  camaraderie of days gone past.

Please also make sure you notify the AOBA Registrar and/or OBAN Editor of any change in address, thank you.