This form is only to be used, post membership approval where data consent is required.

Personal Information


Global consent is required if you want the AOBA to forward your details onto another requesting member

Service Details


Data Protection

The AOBA database holds personal information in order to provide support for its serving and retired members. We will use the information to contact you about AOBA events, process requests for Benevolence and other AOBA activity. The AOBA is legally bound by the Data Protection Act to ensure that any data it holds on individuals is relevent, accurate and not excessive. Additionally it must be fairly and lawfully processed, held for defined purposes, be accurate and up to date, not kept longer than necessary, processed in line with your rights and must be secure. We will ensure that all data held on our database is treated in accordance with these principles. We will not sell or misuse any personal data and we do not intend to contact you too often; we merely need your formal agreement for us to use your data to establish routine correspondance.
By signing this form I am giving the AOBA explicit consent to process my information for the purposes stated on this form and I confirm that the details I have provided are correct