Roll of Honour 2017

All Notified deaths since last reunion in July 2016

On behalf of the AOBA it is now my sombre duty to announce since the last reunion in July 2016, that the Association has sadly been informed of the following deaths.

By intake dates & in numerical order they are:

No Name Intake          
1 Ivor James 35H          
2 Arthur Maddock 37H          
3 Brian Richard Courtney Charlwood 39          
4 Ernest George (Ernie) Cummings 39          
5 Frederick Colls 39B          
6 John Sparks 41          
7 Ronald James (Ron) Callaghan 42A          
8 George Elliott Hodge 42B          
9 Robert George Dann 42C          
10 Kenneth Bertram (Ken) Giles 42C          
11 Frank Penfold MBE 42C          
12 L. Victor Barnes 43B          
13 John Warburton Brown 44B          
14 Terence (Terry) McKenzie 45A          
15 Alan George Gillam 45B          
16 George Arnold Harold 46A          
17 John Victor Smithson 46B          
18 William T. (Bill) Ward 47A          
19 Archibald (Wally) Smith 49A          
20 Brigadier Edward Lewis Percival PS49/52 Col Commandant AAS Arborfield
21 Alan Peter Castle 50          
22 Frank John Williams 51B          
23 Frank Henry Terry 52B          
24 Derek Breeze 53B          
25 Eric Gillam 53B          
26 Graham Westerby 53B          
27 Norman Wilson 53B          
28 Charles Patrick (Pat) Hassell 54B          
29 John (Paddy) Gibson 55B          
30 Gerald Peter Tiley 56A          
31 Kenneth John (Kenny) Wilson 57A          
32 William Arthur Hayden (Bill Foxy) Fowler 58A          
33 Alan Leslie (Al) Maloney 58B          
34 Alan Bach 59A          
35 Paul Clifford Margle 59A          
36 David Spawforth 62C          
37 Geoffrey Hirst 64C          
38 John (Gunner) Gunstone 65A          
39 Alan George Smith 66A          
40 Ian Shoobridge 68          
41 Neil Ross 69C          
42 Malcolm Joseph Farrell 70          
43 Lindsay Rumgay 70C          
44 James Michael Fairclough 72C          

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