Apprentice Tradesman Awards

During the existence of the Boys’ School excellence was rewarded at each Passing Out Parade by the award of various trophies.

Whilst the original buildings were in existence these merits of excellence were recorded for all time on gold leaf sign written boards surrounding the Camp Hall walls. Here, during many hours spent at assembly or boxing matches or any other activity undertaken, Apprentices could admire the efforts and rewards of those before them and aspire to emulate those same high standards.

After the original buildings were demolished these irreplaceable ‘Rolls of Honour’ were lost for all time. Bill Cleasby and his tireless team have searched high and low to find them – but to no avail.

However, we can rebuild the records of these awards here on our AOBA web site.If you still have a copy of your Passing Out Parade programme, or copies of ‘The Apprentice’ you will find all the awards given to members of your intake.

Please take the time to copy the recipients and send them here so we may add them to our list – thus preserving a major part of our heritage..

Photographic Archive

In addition to rebuilding the lists of awards the REME museum have donated all the photographic records of awards ceremonies over the years. These have been arranged in decades in the menu.