I think that some of us learnt more in that first year of Arborfield, than we probably did in the preceding secondary education years!

Kindly yet robust, the instructors had a way of putting things over, often more by practical example than their “civillian” counterparts may have done, I certainly did better under their guidance, and the Army Senior test, or ACE1 was thought  generally to be equivalent to an “O” level, As they used to be called.

I don’t think there will be many photos of any sort of training, other than visitor ones, but here is one of the Education Staff, thought to have been taken

Around 1981 or 1982.

I thank Roy Marshall, an instructor at that time, for kindly sending it in.

Roy also kept himself busy running the College Smallbore Team.

More photos of Education or Staff are most welcome, so please use the contacts page and get in touch to get them published!