Passing of “Old Boys” August 2022

It is our sad duty to report the loss of the following Arborfield Old Boys that we have been notified of in August 2022.

Peter Gripton 56B – DOD 5th August 2022

Jack Edwin Smith 55B – DOD 7th July 2022

Stuart Vasepuru, Intake 72C; DOD 28.07.22

J Smith, Intake 54A; DOD July-22

Andrew (Andy) Kemp, Intake 66A; DOD 13.08.22

Roderick McNally, Intake 45A; DOD 20.07.22

Ian (Tiny) Joyce, Intake 61B; DOD 09.08.22.

Frank Bailey, Intake 60C; DOD 04.08.22

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