The Carr Memorial Trophy

The Carr Memorial Trophy was presented ‘For the best all round Aircraft Technician Airframes and Engines’ in memory of A/T L/Cpl John Kirkton Carr.

65AA/T SgtC.H. RichardsonD Coy
66AA/CPLM. Fay 
66BA/T SgtM. Fraser 
66CA/T L/CplB. GreenhornA Coy
68BA/T SgtP.R. Warriner 
68CA/T RSMT.G. Doyle 
74CA/T CSMM.J. Urey 
86BA/T L/CplJ. RenoufD Coy
89AA/T CplB.P. WarehamA Coy
91AA/T CSMA PerkowskiD Coy