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Apprentice College Groups 1939-2001

Something for just about everyone who went to the Army Apprentice School/College! Provided by Andy Dickson who can’t remember where he got it from. If anyone knows who the person was that put this together please let us know so we can give credit… Continue Reading “Apprentice College Groups 1939-2001”

An AAS medic remembers

My very happy memories of my time at the M.R.S. Arborfield 1955 to 1957. By John Bradfield Nottingham. Following completion of basic training at R.A.M.C. Crookham plus a clerical course at Netley, I was in a group of six posted back to Aldershot before… Continue Reading “An AAS medic remembers”

From Craftsman to Chaplain

Canon Bev John 66A He said, “I’ll stick you down as C of E!!” I was born into a truly ecumenical family. My paternal great-grandfather was a Deacon in a Welsh Congregational Chapel. All Welsh Deacons are black suited, white shirted, black tied, funeral… Continue Reading “From Craftsman to Chaplain”

School sports In the 50’s

1950. There we were,over a hundred of us potential wonders of the sporting world but to the Staff ,we just needed waking up ,dressing up, feeding up, chasing up and building up . The red and black striped pullovers of the PT I s… Continue Reading “School sports In the 50’s”

Mike Evans remembers Fontainebleau

More fond memories of a great posting: I was posted to the British Army Support Element at Quartier Chateau, Fontainebleau in September 1964, as the Armourer. Unlike any other of my postings I was also de facto custodian of the weapons as well as… Continue Reading “Mike Evans remembers Fontainebleau”

Post-WWII Military Intelligence!

Art Cockerill remembers…. I have been having a most enjoyable exchange with Jim Culley (44A). Commenting on reading my Lay Gently on the Coals novel that features in part a sketch of life in Arborfield during the war years, Jim wrote, ‘I really enjoyed… Continue Reading “Post-WWII Military Intelligence!”

Simon Uing’s Passing Out Parades

(Junior Company and Senior) Our grateful Thanks go to Simon Uings for both preserving these important documents and sharing them with us.

Red Socks

By Iain (Jock) Maddox 71C The story of how the whole of B Coy got marched to the guard room started with a roar from RSM Pethrick (Coldstream Guards), “Sergeant Major B Company, that man has red socks on!!!”. If I recall correctly, it… Continue Reading “Red Socks”

70’s memories

By Iain (Jock) Maddox 71C Back Row – Pete Brown, Kev Parker, Dave Clark, Bob Rose, Paddy Dick, Jeff Ellis, Mick Crate, Kev Neil. Middle Row – David Hunter, Will Henze, John Gilbert, Bill Morris, Iain Maddox, Pete Lightowlers, Steve Hunter, Frank Barkas, Dave… Continue Reading “70’s memories”

An Ex Apprentice All At Sea 1980 to 2008

A little bit of personal history. Follow up to ‘it all started in 1963‘ Andy Knowles 64A In 1979 at the age of thirty I decided to leave the Army. I had young children and decided it was time to attempt a settled life.… Continue Reading “An Ex Apprentice All At Sea 1980 to 2008”