Passing of “Old Boys” June 2023

It is our sad duty to report the loss of the following Arborfield Old Boys that we have been notified of in June 2023

Barry John Harrison, Intake 65B; DOD 10.05.2023

Rodney W G (Rod) Collins, Intake 60C; DOD 30.05.2023

Denis John Marshall, Intake 46B; DOD 12.05.2023

Alan Benson, Intake 69C; DOD 09.06.23

(Belated Entry) Douglas Ralph Knapp, Intake 67C; DOD 30.06.2016

(Belated Entry) David F Atkinson, Intake 66B; DOD 28.07.1969

(Belated Entry) William M (Bill) Thomas, Intake 44A; DOD Dec-2019

Reported by Derek Wheatland 57B. The following list are the 59ers who were transferred from Arborfield to Carlisle in 1960.

(Belated Entry) Barry Beezam 59A DOD Feb-21

(Belated Entry) Terence (Terry) Hartley 59A DOD 09.02.21

(Belated Entry) Michael (Mike) Dean 59B DOD 01.12.21

(Belated Entry) Colin Bush 59B DOD 09.10.22

(Belated Entry) David German 59C DOD 25.11.19

Belated entires reported by Phil Bax 75C. All Below members of 75C intake.

Geordie Mensworth DOD 10.02.21

Martin (Charlie) Harriman DOD 06.05.19

Robert (Rob) Davey DOD 04.05.20

Anthony (Tony) Dillon DOD 25.10.21

Paul (Cosmo) Robinson DOD 04.07.20

David Moss DOD 20.02.21

Guy Pilcher-Clayton DOD 16.05.14

Edward (Eddie) James DOD 23.09.18

Michael (Mick) North DOD 16.04.01

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