Passing of “Old Boys” January 2023

It is our sad duty to report the loss of the following Arborfield Old Boys that we have been notified of in January 2023.

R T Janes, Intake 42B, DOD unknown

James Harrower, Intake 66A; Belated DOD 1985

Derek Kirkpatrick, Intake 44B, DOD 23.12.22

Arthur Menzies Meek Gibson, Intake 57A; DOD 28.12.22

Joseph Harold Young, Intake 48B; DOD 29.12.22

Geoffrey Martin, Intake 62B; DOD 12.01.23

Paul M Kambanis, Intake 78B; DOD 16.01.23

Phillip Odling, Intake 81C; DOD Jan-23

Trevor J Taylor, Intake 60C; DOD Jan-23

David St John Weyers, Intake 73A; DOD 09.09.12

Ronald Pearshall, Intake 73A; DOD 28.07.18

Peter Priddle, Intake 73A; DOD 2019

Joseph Harold Young, Intake 48B; DOD 29.12.22.

Leonard Keetley, Intake 56B; DOD 24.12.22

Trevor Charles Stubberfield, Intake 52A; DOD 02.01.23

Keith Hankin Smith, Intake 55B; DOD 06.01 23

Michael A. Poffley, Intake 63C; DOD 20.01.23

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