The Pizza Hut

Submitted by Eric Senior

I had an amusing ‘dutch ‘story sent to me of which i took the liberty to translate called the PIZA HUT. It seems that is the direction we are all going / who would of thought that back in the 60´s

Welcome to the Future

Caller : Is that the Pizza Hut ?
Google : No Mr. it is the Google Pizza
Caller : Sorry I must have chosen the wrong number
Google: Maybe not, Google took over Pizza hut last month.
Caller : Ok , I would like to order a Pizza
Google : Do you want the normal Mr.
Caller : My Normal ?? Do you know me ??
Google : According to our records and with our number recognition system you ordered the last 12 times, an extra- large pizza
with 3 cheeses, pepperoni sausage, mushrooms and a mince ball with a thick crust.
Caller : Super ! that is exactly what I want.
Google: May we introduce this time a pizza with ricotta rucola, sun dried tomatoes and olives complete with full grain glutton free crust ?
Caller: What ! I don’t want a vegetarian pizza
Google: Your Cholesterol is not that good Mr.
Caller: How do you know that ?
Google: We have your house telephone number with your medical information and your result of your blood pressure over the last 7 years.
Caller: Ok , But I don’t want the vegetarian pizza, I’m already taking medicine for my Cholesterol.
Google: Er excuse me Mr. But you have not been taking your medicine regularly , according to our data base you have purchased over the last 4 months only 1 box with 30 cholesterol tablets by Lloyds Pharmacy.
Caller: I bought more by another Pharmacy .
Google: But that has not been registered on your credit card statement.
Caller: I Paid cash
Google: But according to your bank statements you have not withdrawn any cash for some months.
Caller: I have other sources of income.
Google: Well that is not indicated on your latest Income tax return unless you bought them with an illegal source of income and that is against the law Sir!
Caller: Bloody hell ‘!!
Google: Im sorry but we only use this information with the intention only to help you
Caller: Alright , I ‘m sick to death of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whats app and all the others . I ‘m going on an island without internet, tv and telephone connections so that nobody can spy on me.
Google: I understand Mr. but you must 1st extend your travel pass . It is 6 months overdue ……

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