AOBA BBQ’s at Catterick 18th September & Lyneham 25th September

We had an AGM on-line last evening, (Information was published on the AOBA website). It was decided to extend the date by which you can submit your application forms until Friday September 10th. Any forms received after this date will not be processed. The reason for this is to give the two venues ample time to cater for the food required. It would be embarrassing for us to run out of food if people turn up that are have submitted forms late. Please make sure your forms are completed on-line. If you have any difficulties, contact me via the contacts page. We will not acknowledge the forms you submit. Once you hit the submit button a copy comes to me and I add the data to a spreadsheet we are using. All you need to do then is turn up at your selected location at the appropriate time.

Here are the latest numbers for the September BBQ’s:
Catterick – 15 Members plus 7 Guests
Lyneham – 79 Members plus 33 Guests

Andy Dickson 66B

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