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I have introduced a new feature to the website for Members only and that is the ability to now comment on the articles that are posted. At present the comments will be moderated before publication for a short while so please be patient and wait for them to appear!

The idea is to encourage Members to have more interaction with the site, providing further information to members.

The other sections of the website (History, Massed Bands, Education RSM’s etc etc) will also be enabled with comments in due course enabling Members to possibly provide more interest in these other sections.

A bit of banter is fine but please remember that this is NOT Facebook, Twitter etc. and NO abuse or inappropriate comments will be tolerated.

This is a bit of a trial so lets see how it goes.

Mark Jobes

5 Comments on “New Feature – Article Comments

  1. Now at the age we tend to view the Obits column carefully may I comment on OBAN80? It was quite shocking to open 80 and see a photo of my old pal Ted Traynor. Back in 1954 I had a motorbike stored in a farmer’s barn and Ted and I often climbed back fence and went off out, sometimes to his home Guildford way. Returning one winter night on icy/snowy road going under a railway bridge near Ash we lost grip and skidded along rolling in the snow. We couldn’t stop laughing. Thank goodness for Army greatcoat. Ted Joined AAS from Dukies with a chap called Chalmers. I met Ted’s wife for a few moments at an annual gathering. All in our 80’s now, keep taking the vitamins!

  2. In OBAN80 you mention an A Findlay 53B, wonder if that was ‘Jock’ Findlay, Tels Mech I think! If so last met him at 87 Special Tels, Minden and enjoyed many a stein together. Wow those were the days of a single man in BAOR before drivers had to blow into wee bags! Perhaps his family might consider returning the Raleigh push bike he borrowed from me in 1954??

  3. I cannot let OBAN80 go by without saying something about the most popular Apprentice/REME/Para soldier ever to have graced our ranks, yes, you guessed our one and only Jack Wigley. I did try to follow his wonderful example but failed miserably, even at P Coy.
    Last met Jack in M&S Camberley where he was doing Security work I believe. Bonne chance Jack.

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