Weekend Drama!

Dear all, My wife and I had a drama over the weekend.

We had a phone call early afternoon on Saturday from somebody we don’t know. It was the daughter of our next door neighbour.

He had fallen down in his house and couldn’t get up. He had managed to phone his daughter and she raised the alarm.

She had called the ambulance and it was on its way.

I spoke to Ken through his letterbox and could see him laying on the floor.

We had a key but because he had left his key in the lock on the inside we couldn’t get access.

I took the outside of the letter box off to see if I could get my hand in to turn the key but the slot was too small.

The ambulance arrived and after assessing Ken’s condition called the firebrigade.

(Ambulance and fire engine with blue lights flashing – Quite a commotion for a small cul de sac).

They arrived and within minutes jemmied the door without doing any damage surprisingly.

(I was amazed how easy it was to get in when you have the correct tools).

Ken was assessed by the ambulance paramedics and after an ECG they decided to take him to hospital.

We spoke to him yesterday from the hospital and we expect him back home today or tomorrow.

The moral of this story is “Don’t leave your keys in the lock on the inside when you are home”.

We could have got to Ken about an hour earlier than we did if the key wasn’t in the door.

Luckily, this all ended well but could have been a lot worse.

Stay safe. Andy 66B

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