Message from OBAN Editor

Well, 2021 is underway and I guess most of us are waiting to see when we will be getting our Covid jabs.

Some of you may already have had yours. Well done if you have.

Like all of us, being at home is becoming boring again. I have done all the jobs I had on my list, and a few more that weren’t, and am now starting to look for other projects.

I installed a power board above my bench in the garage the other day that I am quite pleased with and did some “tidying up” in there too.

Truth be know I just moved stuff around without throwing too much away. (You never know when you will need something).

OBAN 79 is well underway. I only have a few pages left to complete. The Committee members reports are always last on my list and I have some weeks yet before I need these.

Please keep sending in your articles. I do have a backlog but with 40 pages to fill each time I get through the articles pretty quickly.

It is worth noting that OBAN returns due to bad addresses are down to a minimum. For OBAN 78 I only had a few come back to me. The work Ian Clark is doing on the database is paying off.

Needless to say, we are still looking for replacement committee members for key roles. Please do get in touch if you feel like you can contribute. Mike Tizard, or any committee member can be contacted through the AOBA Website.

Please follow the rules and stay healthy.

Andy Dickson 66B

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