Info on I.O.W. Rebate Claims

Info kindley provided by Ron Hussey.

0n 20 October I made a claim for reimbursement of my deposit for the AOBA reunion using the forms posted on the AAC Arborfield facebook site. At the end of November I received the following advice:

“As your payment was made to Isle of Wight Tours Limited using a Debit Card you should submit your claim to your card issuing bank for a chargeback in the first instance. Your bank would have subscribed to the Visa/MasterCard scheme rules, which mean you have the right to request a chargeback against the merchant’s bank if you don’t receive services paid for using your Debit Card. Should you encounter any difficulties with your bank we would suggest that you contact the Financial Ombudsman Service for further advice and assistance”

On 3 December I responded:

“Ref your email, I am afraid I do not understand. You advise me to request a rebate from my bank and if this fails to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service for further advice and assistance.
However, I understand my deposit was placed in bond to always ensure that my money was protected in the event of a financial failure. Indeed, the IOW Tours web site confirms this.

It is my understanding is that monies in a bond are not counted within the assets of a company and are available to return to the payee in just such circumstances as this. For my bank to pay would mean they are out of pocket and you gain unnecessarily. If my understanding is wrong, please may I ask you to explain the purpose of the bond and the legality of your holding the money.”

The following day I received the reply:

“We write in reference to your claim and your recent email where we have noted the comments and the value of the claim. Can you please reconfirm your 6 digit Sort Code or IBAN, BIC and home address if you hold a foreign Account, in order that we can issue our payment.”

I sent the bank detail by return and on the 7th December received:

“We write with reference to the above claim. We can now agree a payment of £10.00 in full and final settlement of your claim. We will arrange for a bank transfer to be made to your nominated account specified on our Claims Portal or within the claim form, which should take 10 – 16 working days to complete. “

I have not yet received the payment but I am fairly confident I will. Meanwhile if you feel this info will help other members please feel free to use it in any way you wish.

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