Chairmans Message

Dear AOBA Members.  I hope this finds you all fit and that you’ve manged to find the pub.  For those that haven’t, the experience is a little different but just as enjoyable.

I just thought I would send you a short note as this coming weekend would have been our reunion weekend.  I know we will all miss it, but the committee definitely did the right thing to postpone, as the latest Government guidance is that any grouping over 30 is illegal!   I’ve been chatting with the Isle of Wight Tours and Shirley sends her best wishes to you all and is very much looking forward to organising the party to beat all parties next year!  We laughed, as we were so glad that the AOBA port glasses, which double as gifts every year, are not dated!  Next year will be a double celebration as the reunion will cater for the 50th anniversary of the 70ers and 71ers; should be good turnout.  Turning back to this year, wherever you find yourself this weekend, lets spare a thought for our fellow apprentices, and raise a glass.  Thank you.

While I’m here, a couple of reminders. Please look out for a next OBAN which should be with you soon and please take a moment to visit the new website ,we hope you like it.  The committee are brilliant, and still working hard to deliver on your behalf.

Finally, please remain vigilant, wear face coverings if you feel the need and obey the 2 metre distancing rules.  You know it makes sense.  I’ll be in touch again soon, in the meantime, stay safe.  Thank you.

Mike Tizard, your Chairman.

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