New Website Information

Firstly… Welcome to the new AOBA website!

You will see when browsing around there there are new features and new ways of displaying some of our content.

To view some of the content in this site you will need to be a fully paid up Member and have completed an AOBA Personal Data Consent Form. You will also need a Username and Password. The additional content can be found in the Members Area once you have logged into the site.

If you have been accessing the “old” website then your username will still be valid however you will need to reset your password as the old passwords cannot be ported over due to the encryption system used.

If any Member is having difficulty gaining access to the new website then please Contact the Webmaster who will sort the problem out for you.

We have also included Membership Renewal Payment Forms (PayPal Only) to make it a bit easier to both join the AOBA and to renew your Membership.

Another new feature is the Members Directory – please feel free to update your profiles and add text – purely voluntary! This area has been created to help Members find Friends and Associates and assist in the bringing together ex-Apprentices and Permanent Staff particularly when it comes to the 50th Anniversary Reunions.

Again if anyone has any issues then please Contact the Webmaster in the first instance.

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