Weston T. Robertson 50B

It is with the deepest regret I report the death of my brother Weston [Wes]. He succumbed to an inoperable brain tumour on 12 Jan 13 at the home of his daughter Janet in the Kyle of Lochalsh. His wife Irene had moved there with him  from their house in Errogie so that Janet could assist with his care. Weston was a larger than life character, a fact with which anyone who knew him would agree. His postings were mainly in Germany, with one term in Singapore and another unusual one in South Georgia.

It was in Singapore that he met and married Irene, also serving there at the time. He was a keen winemaker and warning of a posting usually resulted in a series of wine evenings to reduce his stock prior to moving. I recall one concoction made from a surplus of after dinner mints; unusual but very drinkable. On retiring, they set up home in Errogie, approximately 15 miles inland from Inverness and proceeded to live `the good life’, rearing pigs, chickens, ducks, and at one time, quails, small birds which insisted on sticking their heads through the netting of their enclosure, risking the attention of pine martens, ever present in the area.

During the stalking season he would assist the local estate by transporting the deer carcasses down from the hills by horseback. He wrote articles for the Stalker magazine, he was given a wood to fuel their wood fired central heating boiler, he would run the local hotel when the owners were on holiday, on one occasion returning home to find their door blown open and the hallway blocked by snow.

Each year they would pack their camping equipment and head south, calling at his brothers homes and going on to attend the Arborfield reunion before spending their holiday together on the Continent. With the support of his wife, Irene, his daughter Janet, and his grandson Stewart, he lived life to the full, and is now sadly missed.

Ian Robertson.

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