Brian Conway 42A – A Tribute

Brian sadly passed away in September,  in Cyprus where he lived. He will be  remembered by many, both as an ex – boy and also later on, as a highly regarded member of staff, in his position as NCO I/c Corps of Drums. His wife Pam, and Brian’s family are in our thoughts.

Here are a few fond memories of Brian…………………

I am always checking your website for news and other information and was saddened to hear of the recent death of Brian Conway, as I was in his Corp of Drums during the Sixties as a bugler/flautist and Drum Major.

He was a gentleman and had imagination,I well remember him bringing in the sheet music for the Theme from Z Cars that was on the top of the pop charts
and our band playing it on parade.

John Shields

I was deeply saddened when Pam Conway phoned me Sunday to say Brian passed away on Friday. Even though he did put me in the jail once he was a great inspiration to me in many ways, a real father figure, and was always fair and kind to me. I lived and breathed the Corps of Drums and Brian worked tirelessly to hone our skills.

I’m very pleased I was able to make contact with him again in recent years, I am going to miss the exchange of 3 or 4 lengthy epistles each year, Brian could always tell a good tale, often as not the same one on occasions!! and it was particularly nice my wife and I we were able to visit him and Pam at their home in Paphos on a couple of occasions where we were always made very welcome.
I am really going to miss him and feel it was a privilege to know such a thoroughly decent man.

Our sincere condolences to Pam and family.

Mick Cheeseman 62C


He embodied those virtues to which all aspired,
Impartial, fair-minded, universally admired
For his great dedication and lifelong pursuit
Of those things, which made him such a man of repute.

His interest in music spanned many decades,
And the rhythmic drumbeats from countless parades
Permeated his being and entered his soul,
In a way only drummers can know and recall.

As a soldier and tradesman he always excelled,
Teaching and helping those in whom he held
To be needing that aid, which he gladly supplied,
No call for assistance was ever denied.

And he’ll be remembered by all of the boys
Whom he gathered around him to produce a noise
Which can only be heard in the military life,
The rhythmical lilt of the drum and the fife.


And Brian’s fine legacy will still live on
In the memory of all those boys who played and shone
As the Fife and Drum Corps at the School, which in truth
He had attended himself in his youth.

And he’s up there right now, either twirling the mace
Or beating a tattoo all over the place,
Practicing flams, drags or triplets, the odd paradiddle,
With three or a two – four likely stuck in the middle.

For drummers don’t know when to give up the ghost
And when they get up there, the heavenly host
Will be tapping their toes to that rhythm divine,
And there will be Brian – at the head of the line!

TeeCee (Pipe Band Drum Major 1957/8)

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