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2010 Reunion

AOBA Reunion 2010 by Ted Stanford 60C As it falls on a member from the anniversary year to provide the write up for the OBAN I was “volunteered” by the guy who used to be my best mate, Jim McIntyre, although to be fair… Continue Reading “2010 Reunion”

2009 Reunion

THE 1959 INTAKES 50th ANNIVERSARY by Mike Muir (59A) Being a fairly new recruit to the A.O.B.A. and even newer to the task of being our year coordinator it was with some trepidation that I set out for Arborfield to attend my first reunion… Continue Reading “2009 Reunion”

2008 Reunion

by Paul Hudson, 58A 1958 to 2008 – have fifty years passed by already?Over 200 young teenagers left comfortable homes, families and friends during February, April and September 1958, having signed the necessary Notice Paper – Regular Army, Army Form B271A (Revised 1957) and… Continue Reading “2008 Reunion”

2007 Reunion

THE 1957 INTAKES 50th ANNIVERSARY by Roger (Trixie) Traves (57A) On Friday 20 July 07 the heavens opened up with a deluge of rain whilst hundreds of Arborfield Old Boys (AOBs) were making their way to Arborfield Garrison for the 44th AOBA Reunion, including… Continue Reading “2007 Reunion”

2006 Reunion

The 2006 Reunion was another outstanding success for the Arborfield Old Boys Association. Like the annual migration of lemmings over 200 old boys and their families travelled from all around the world to Arborfield in attending the event. Although the gates to the camp… Continue Reading “2006 Reunion”