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Ray Stevens (64c)

Dear all, we’ve just been informed that Ray Stevens (64C) passed away on Christmas Eve. We have no further details at this time. Ray was an ex committee member and former editor of the OBAN, and our thoughts are very much with his family… Continue Reading “Ray Stevens (64c)”

Message from OBAN Editor

Happy Christmas to all members. Articles and responses are continuing to come to me in these difficult times. It must be because you all have extra time on your hands. Please keep them coming, I never have enough. There are two resonses to the… Continue Reading “Message from OBAN Editor”

Website Update

The OBAN downloads can now be found under the menu item “AOBA Document Centre” in the Members menu. More documents will be added to this section over time. The “old” menu has been removed!

Website Features

Hello to all our members and a Very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year when it comes, Just a quick update on some issues that we have had on the website. The Members Directory function for logged in members had an issue with… Continue Reading “Website Features”

Info on I.O.W. Rebate Claims

Info kindley provided by Ron Hussey. 0n 20 October I made a claim for reimbursement of my deposit for the AOBA reunion using the forms posted on the AAC Arborfield facebook site. At the end of November I received the following advice: “As your… Continue Reading “Info on I.O.W. Rebate Claims”

Passing of Dennis F. Patterson

We have just received news of the passing of: Dennis F. Patterson, Intake 44A, , DOD 17.12.20

Message from Chairman

Dear AOBA Members.  I hope this finds you all fit and well and wherever you are, keeping safe. As I pressed the send button on my November message, I realised that I’d inadvertently forgot to mention Remembrance Day.  I guess it was because the… Continue Reading “Message from Chairman”

AAS Standard

Help Request From Ian Tilson, In some of the parade photo’s of the late 50’s there is a Standard bearer party, when did they stop parading it and why? Also what did it look like (compared to our present one) and where is it… Continue Reading “AAS Standard”


OBAN 78 December 2020 is now available in the historic OBAN section of the website (Must be paid up Member to access) A note to all Registered Members – there is now a new option on your profile pages to allow personal messaging between… Continue Reading “OBAN 78”

Free Activities from WEA

In these uncertain times, WEA staff will be providing FREE activities on Christmas Day for anyone who is isolated, on their own or who can’t see their families. These activities allow people to chat with others, providing social and emotional support. Activities will take… Continue Reading “Free Activities from WEA”