Friday, December 13, 2019


Joe Soap was a bloke who, if anything broke, could repair it again in a trice,
But a bolt and a screw, or a nut to undo exposed his one terrible vice.
He couldn’t discern, or had never quite learned that these fasteners were all different sizes,
So his indifferent manner, regarding the spanner width, really then hardly surprises.
You knew where he’d been when he’d left the scene, no hexagons left to undo
The bolts that he’d handled, now rounded and mangled, all tight, right enough, but then who
Would follow this chap, this walking mishap, and release the stuff that he’d tightened,
With manner precocious and muscles ferocious, technically, hardly enlightened!
Of course, lack of training goes far to explaining why Joe never mastered this skill,
At a technical College he’d gather the knowledge there, showing him how to fulfill
His desire to succeed at repairs guaranteed to make everyone happy again,
But he’s one of those guys failing to realize that his actions are causing such pain.
Yet while he continues to think with his sinews and gathers so many detractors,
There are some who can tell that our Joe’s going to sell a thousand or two screw extractors!


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