Saturday, June 06, 2020


It can’t be seen, it has no form nor still cannot be heard,
And to some, it means no more than any other word.
But yet it has a power so strong that if it could be sold,
No earthly price would e’er suffice, no untold weight of gold.

We, who at a tender age left home and flew the nest
Were fortunate, for we soon found this thing before the rest
Became aware of how it can affect us, heart and soul,
Forever at its mercy, it’s perpetual control.

At first we didn’t notice as it crept into our lives
As we adjusted in our new world merely to survive,
It’s surreptitious presence, very quietly begun,
Meant we were all affected, and submitted, one by one.

It is now only at this stage of life that we can see
What power there is in something that we feel so readily,
That old, familiar feeling that comes flooding back again,
To wrap us in that glow of comfort, so hard to explain.

The freedom, so instinctive, that makes us carry on
With conversations started then, though fifty years have gone.
The feeling all of two score years was just an interlude,
A moments pause to draw a breath while savouring the mood.

It’s a pair of old worn slippers that we wear inside our head,
Friendly, comforting and snug, with thoughts and words unsaid,
To make us feel at home again, among our youthful peers,
Recalling all the fun we had, while rolling back the years.

Of course, it’s Friendship that we share; to some, a passing phase,
But not I think, for most of us, who lived those long gone days,
We shared a common lifestyle then, through times of joy and woe,
And now enjoy that friendship which began so long ago.

It doesn’t matter when we served, or how much time has flown,
The comradeship that was born then, still spans the years long gone,
And our exclusive Brotherhood, have learned what time has taught,
That we will always share that thing that never can be bought.

………… True Friendship


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