Saturday, June 06, 2020


Its submerged in the mists of time, impossible to say
When the first Jeep rose from the grime and saw the light of day.
Maybe Julius Caesar, duffing up the British horde
Had got Jeepus industrious sharpening his sword.

Or was it Bill the Conqueror, while sorting out King Harold,
Got Jeep Le Crepe to get his bow and let loose a few arrows?
It’s quite likely that history’s been changed, when at the start,
Some lowly, misbegotten Jeep had played a minor part

The thing about Jeepdom, of course, is, we have all been there,
No matter what befell us in our subsequent career,
We all know how it felt to be the lowest of the low,
To be reviled and scorned for what we were, so long ago.

But it was almost worth it, for after the first term,
We were elevated from the depths, and then could take our turn
To sneer and mock the next intake, the objects of derision,
Whose lot was to be permanently under supervision.

And as time passed, we rose in rank and seniority,
Till we were fully fledged old sweats – Jeeps no more, were we!
Until….until….in future years the Worldwide Web was born,
And websites came and drew us back to days we thought were gone.

Now we’ve returned to the old days, and teenagers no longer,
But we are still reminded that the most important number
Is Intake, which still rules Arborfield’s old pecking order,
And we’re all Jeeps again, because there’s always someone older!

And it’s the same wherever you may be or where you go,
Reunions are organised to keep the system so.
The rank attained, the medals or the riches you did reap,
It’s all of little consequence – you still will be a JEEP!


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