Friday, December 13, 2019

Barrack Room Humour

Barrack room humour is now dead and gone,

That which we bandied about and which shone

With a non - PC attitude, yet to invent,

Employed by us all with amusing intent.

It brightened our lives and sharpened our wits;

Frequently ribald, it kept us in fits

Of perpetual laughter in formative years

As we shared every day with our barrack room peers.

Occasionally subtle, but sometimes quite blunt

Used by some to demonstrate, and maybe flaunt

Their command of that jocular, odd repartee

That we used every day, so familiarly.

To those not acquainted with this kind of fun,

Which often seemed cruel and unkind to some,

The barbs of verbosity thrown in the air,

Appeared to them that we did not really care.

Yet nothing could be so far from what was meant,

The seemingly savage and cutting comment

Was in a strange way, but a form of reflection,

Of our brotherhood’s way of showing affection.

And over the years as our lovers and wives

Have joined and become the main parts of our lives,

They realized in time, this was merely an act,

Concealing the plain, undeniable fact

That insults, derision, or sarcastic quip

Were merely disguising the close comradeship

That we had engendered in our younger days,

And then manifested itself in these ways.

 It was just a sign of the way we lived then,

And never will be the case ever again,

For the impetus now is to seek great offence,

Ignoring the often underlying intent

At humour, misplaced now in this day and age

Of so-sensitive egos, ready to rage

At the merest suggestion of great provocation,

And seeking repayment, or some compensation.

So value those old days of simplicity,

When thoughts of contention or adversary,

Were alien to most of us, and day-to-day,

We merely desired to go our own way

Without fear of what others may just construe

To be slanderous, libelous, even though true.

Remember when we could just say what we mean,

And Barrack Room Humour reigned so supreme


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