Saturday, June 06, 2020

Musical Memories

What can stir a thought that’s buried deep within the soul?
Some say that it could be the sense of smell,
But I prefer to think perhaps, the power of recall
Is wakened when melodic rhythms swell
And spill into the memory of days so long ago,
When voices young and lusty start to sing
Together for the hell of it, the words we used to know,
And really made the old roof rafters’ ring.

It could have been a hymn or something from the hit parade,
Or some song parodied, as squaddies do,
Where it may have come from, or whatever sound it made,
The meaning would be changed to something blue!
Yet music in all shapes and forms can have the same effect
Of dredging from the mind those recollections,
The ‘British Grenadiers’ will likely readily connect
To eight bars, (fifteen paces), on reflection.

Similarly ‘Scipio’, or then, ‘Scotland the Brave’
May suddenly transport the unsuspecting
Listener back in time to when these tunes were so engraved
On the memory banks, sharp, suddenly connecting.
“It hath the power to soothe the savage breast,” the poet wrote,
And there’s no doubt it leaves a marked impression
On subconscious minds, just lying there, forgotten and remote,
Till distant sounds rekindle resurrection.

What else is there that so inspires, and yet can move to tears,
When folk hear old familiar music played,
Bringing back to consciousness while rolling back the years,
Recalling life in song and serenade?
And we, whose lives were ordered and dictated by the sound
Of the bugle, with those calls so loud and clear,
Have more cause to remember these things, permanently bound
To those ringing notes across the Barrack Square.

A piece of music can point to a milestone in a life,
Touching every single one who hears
Or yet again, provide a bond that husband and a wife
Share, theirs to prize and cherish through the years;
But most of all its value is within its power to calm,
To pacify and soothe the troubled mind,
Comforting and helping rid those feelings of alarm,
If harnessed, what a gift to all mankind!


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