Saturday, June 06, 2020

Arte et Marte

Gold Lightning barb and Silver Steed, the Crown and Globe enclosing
The opening Scroll, proclaiming REME - simple, yet imposing.
This is the badge so proudly worn by members of the Corps
Which keeps the army on the move, prepared to go to war.
Yet, battle honours there are none despite its long existence,
For it has been in every action, giving its assistance;
And if all of these engagements were actually listed,
It would be (probably) the longest standard that’s existed.

Now there are those who claim that REME personnel don’t fight,
And this misconception must, in all justice, be put right,
For, lacking military expertise, there’s no hope of promotion,
As ‘Soldier First and Tradesman Second’, is the REME notion.
For, when in action things look bad, the frontline combat soldier
Knows REME men will be fighting with them, shoulder to shoulder
Until the battle has been won, or till the danger fades,
And then assume their primary role, returning to their trades.

So REME soldiers of today continue this tradition,
Supporting, as has always been the case, without condition,
Prepared to do whatever is required to aid success,
Regardless of the toll that they may suffer, or distress
That might be part of helping out in whatsoever role
That they may be required to fill, to answer duty’s call;
One thing is sure, no matter what is asked of them to do,
Tradition’s always safe with REME lads, they’ll see it through.


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