Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The lad, who as an Ece trains, is credited with superior brains,
Because his diagnostic skills, require him sometimes to fulfil
A knotty task, that’s sight unseen, where theory counts, a mind that’s keen,
And razor sharp, so he can tell where problems lie, and almost smell
A faulty loom, or diode, duff, armed with his wiring diagram rough,
He squints at multi coloured wires, stays on the job and never tires,
Until success has been secured, discomfort, tiredness, all endured
To keep the Ece’s, in their grace, on Gods right hand - their rightful place !

( But as an afterthought, be fair, VM’s also deserve their share
Of credit. And the allied trades, whose skills and muscle also made
The REME what it is today, the finest force, far and away,
So all you craftsmen, take a bow, you made the Corps what it is now ! )


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