Saturday, June 06, 2020

VM is trade where you get highly paid for getting all oily and greasy,
Of course, it’s well known that it’s not for the bone-idle skivers, who take it too easy,
They come in all sizes and it’s no surprise some are big, while there’s others quite titchy ,
And, what is more, there are letters that show what they do, and it makes them quite tetchy
If innocently, someone gets letters confused, and mixes up A, B and C,
Then they get temperamental, expecting attention that treats them preferentially!

For A is elite, while B is effete and C, (well, they say. “Others hate us!”)
And there is no doubt that they’ll holler and shout if someone belittles their status,
Though, when all’s said and done, there is only the one that our Tich Schofield will recognize,
And that is the “A” which he always will say is the one that will win the first prize,
But I have to confess that what I like, I guess, ‘cos it gets him all twisted and bitter,
Is that much as he tries, he will never arise to the status of General Fitter!


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