Saturday, June 06, 2020

He’s gone to join God’s LAD, the best posting bar none,
No need for coveralls up there, all dirty jobs are done.
The OC and the ASM are there at his command
(The ranks up there are back-to-front, so all salutes are banned!)
No hard graft, and no jobs that may arrive at a late call
In fact it does resemble an earthly Tiffy’s role!

He’s served and done his duty for the country and the nation,
And now he’s harvesting fruits of his well-deserved salvation,
So, if you are relaxing quietly under evening skies,
And think you hear familiar rhythms, don’t be too surprised,
It probably is ‘Lilliburlero’s’ haunting melody,
Coming from the lads who’ve gone to join God’s LAD.


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