Friday, February 28, 2020

The Chief Instructor’s Cup was presented ‘For the best Tradesman


Intake Rank Name Company
48B A/T Wort DA  
52A A/T Thwin O A Coy
53A A/T Sanderson D A Coy
53B A/SGT Walters BE C Coy
54A A/T Allen JR A Coy
54B A/SGT Petts RG C Coy
55A A/SGT Mann T C Coy
55B A/L/Cpl Fitzpatrick JAJ C Coy
56A A/RSM Fraser T A Coy
56B A/SGT Smith A Coy
58A A/CSM Murray T  
58B A/CSM Hattersley J  
58C A/SGT Ellis P  
59B A/SGT Metcalf D  
59C A/CPL Brown KC  
60C A/SGT Thrower KL  
61A A/T Miles AB D Coy
61B A/CSM Durham DBL A Coy
61C A/T Spencer MR  
62A A/T Devitt WD  
62B A/RSM McInnes A  
62C A/SGT Orchard TN  
63A A/T Jenkins EWJ  
63B A/RSM Turner RD  
63C A/RSM Flower AF  
64A A/LCPL Bendall JP  
64B A/RSM Vella SJ  
64C A/CPL Mitchell CJ  
65A A/CSM Smith AP  
66A A/SGT Eston PJ  
66C A/CSM Naylor GM  
68B A/T Peart NC  
68C A/CPL Clemson DJ  
69C A/T Drake B Coy
70C A/T Howland C Coy
74C A/CSM Pyrne JP