Friday, February 28, 2020

During the existence of the Boys’ School excellence was rewarded at each Passing Out Parade by the award of various trophies.

The Award of Honour was presented to the apprentice who comes nearest to achieving the College's aim of producing a well educated Soldier, Tradesman and Leader.


Intake Rank Name Company
48B AT Smith ED  
52A A/SGT Pobjoy MA C Coy
53A A/CSM Kitchener BJH B Coy
53B A/CSM Thompson DM D Coy
54A A/CSM Weston WE B Coy
54B A/CSM Buntyard TI D Coy
55A A/CSM Andrews KG A Coy
55B A/CSM King BR D Coy
56A A/RSM Fraser T A Coy
56B A/CSM Scurr JA D Coy
58A A/CSM Murray T D Coy
58B A/CSM Hattersley J  
58C A/RSM Ellis GTP  
59B A/RSM Jeffrey CJ  
59C A/RSM Hamil DC  
60C A/CSM Ambler CG  
61A A/CSM Hatfield AJ  
61B A/RSM Hutchins BGJ  
61C A/SGT Garner SA  
62A A/SGT Marsland R  
62B A/RSM McInnes A  
62C A/RSM Whitaker RA  
63A A/RSM O'Hara NJM  
63B A/RSM Turner RD  
63C A/RSM Flower AF  
64A A/RSM Williams TT  
64B A/RSM Vella SJ  
64C A/RSM Campbell-Lent R A Coy
65A A/CSM Wright D Coy
66A A/CSM Middleton JH D Coy
  A/SGT Robertson BA  
66C A/CSM Everette W  
68B A/SGT Collis AC  
68C A/CSM Abbott W  
69B A/RSM Stringer FH B Coy
69C A/SGT Goude NA  
74C A/SGT Uings SJ  
87C A/RSM Fletcher L  
93B A/RSM Steptoe D