Tuesday, June 02, 2020

All Arborfield Apprentices could gain promotion through the ranks from A/T all the way to A/T RSM. For most of the Arborfield Boys’ School history, at any one time, there would be one A/T RSM, five A/T CSMs, an A/T Band Sgt, A/T Drum Major, A/T Pipe Major, around 12 A/T Sgts, 32 A/T Cpls and 50 A/T L/Cpls.

Unfortunately no formal record has been maintained of those who achieved the rank of A/T RSM so please look in your records and help fill the gaps in this important part of the Arborfield Boys’ School history!


Intake Name Company
43A  Ratter D Coy
44A  O'Callaghan  
44B  Olley  
45A  J Dewar  
45B  Beer C Coy
50B N Webber (A/T CSM)  
52A K Roberts (A/T CSM) C Coy
53B J R Dean (A/T CSM)  
54A C D Enderby C Coy
54B M E F Owen B Coy
55A J Massie  
55B C Drasuitis B Coy
56A T Fraser A Coy
56B N Dewdey  
57A M G Pike B Coy
57B N Lloyd B Coy
58A R W Waite A Coy
58B C R Pike B Coy
58C W J Burns A Coy
59B C J Jeffrey B Coy
59C C D Hamill B Coy
60A A K Pannell  A Coy 
60B B Barnfield B Coy 
60C J McConville  A Coy 
61A P Jasper  C Coy 
61B BGT Hutchings  B Coy 
61C B A Eames   
62A I C Heath  D Coy 
62B A McInnes  C Coy 
62C R A Whitaker   
63A N O'Hara  B Coy 
63B R D Turner  B Coy 
63C A F Flower C Coy 
64A T T Williams  D Coy 
64B S J Vella  C Coy 
64C R C Cambell-Lent  B Coy 
65A R Medley  B Coy 
65B L Duke  A Coy 
65C J Summerscales  B Coy 
66A M Skinner  B Coy 
66B J Wright  D Coy 
66C R J Elliott C Coy 
67A L Meech  B Coy 
67B K? Moon   
67C J. Shram  A Coy 
68A R. White  D Coy 
68B P Smart  B Coy 
68C K Sedge  B Coy 
69A T. G. Doyland  B Coy 
69B F.H Stringer  B Coy 
69C J H Morgan B Coy 
69C* B J Franklin  B Coy 
70A N.H.Lucy  D Coy 
70B J Quainton  C Coy 
71A T G Rose   
71B A P Hicks  C Coy
71C J Wall  B Coy 
72A S J Geraghty  C Coy 
72B J E Rose   
72C S E Blake  B Coy 
73A N J Wright   
73B G B Hills  B Coy 
73C J M Britton   
74A I Dale  B Coy 
74B C Wakerley   
74C A Collins  B Coy 
75A Stephen Geraghty C Coy
75B P. Lowles   
75C M M Williams  B Coy 
76C* G Morgan D Coy 
76A S F Bowell  
76B P J Morecombe   
96B/2 A Peacock  
77B F Kanoga   
77C A S Vickerman  A Coy 
78A A J Pollcock  B Coy 
78B A S Thomas   
78C C Smillie C Coy 
79C J Hewson/ D Walley   
80A Gemmell   
81A Dodds   
81C Perez  A Coy 
83C A Collingwood  D Coy 
84A P. Dawson  A Coy 
84B Watson  D Coy 
84C C I Darroch  D Coy 
85A Bryson, D.  B Coy 
85B D Graham  A Coy 
85C Marshall?  C Coy 
86A P Hazelden  D Coy 
86B G Oakes  D Coy 
86C P Carney  C Coy 
87A R Sullivan  B Coy 
87B J Smith  B Coy 
87C L Fletcher  C Coy
88A L Martin  C Coy 
88B A Brandon  B Coy 
88C A Hannah  C Coy 
89A B Heaps   
89B D Kelly-Smith  A Coy 
89C R Heard (89B intake)  A Coy 
90A Wood  C Coy 
90C C Lewington  D Coy 
91A C McNally  D Coy 
91B N Springhall  C Coy 
91C S Garson   
92A M Kingsnorth B Coy 
92B S Williams   
92C Smith  A Coy 
92F P Alcock   
93A R Inham   
93B D Steptoe   
93C Murray A Coy 
93E C Brooks  B Coy 
94A C Carolan   
94B A Simpson  B Coy 
94C I Street   

* In later years, it was possible for A/T

RSMs to be from the same intake, but be RSM in different periods due to differences in trade training duration.