Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The training of army apprentices not only as tradesmen but also as soldiers was recognised as having the greatest significance from the very beginning. So it came to be that all the School and College RSMs, with just one exception, were drawn from the ranks of the Brigade of Guards.

Anyone who witnessed or took part in any of the Passing out Parades all agree the standards achieved by all those on parade was as high as that achieved on the annual Trooping of the Colour on Horse Guards Parade.

Ex-apprentices have served in many of the world wide conflicts throughout the world and their skills as professional fighting soldiers has always been well based on the training received under the guidance of these past RSMs and their regimental staff

It is hoped that between us all we can write up the stories of each of these RSMs. You are invited to send in your memories of ‘your’ man to be included in the history of the Arborfield Boys’ School.

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He strides, like God, upon the Square, there's apprehension in the air.
An awesome figure, carved in stone, he stands erect, aloof, alone.
The eagle eye surveys the scene, nostrils flare, and from between
His lips comes forth a strident roar. Hundreds flinch, and then, before
The next executive command, they, in expectation stand
Anticipating the loud blast, to propel them into fast
Reaction, and the moment when the expletive explodes again
Into their ears, they'll act as one, boots raise the dust - parade's begun !

With pace stick swirling to and fro, he marches them round, fast and slow.
Berating all who fail to match his standards, or, not up to scratch
With drill or dress, they'll pay the price, and in the future will think twice
Before they carelessly perform and face his wrath, endure the storm
Of his displeasure, loud and clear, extremely painful to the ear !
Yes, he's the Master of the Square and woe betide all those who dare
To desecrate the sacred ground, by slouching or playing around.
They'll find they're sweeping it all day, as punishment fits the crime, they say,
And learn the lesson taught to them - you don't mess with the RSM !

© TeeCee

WO1 (RSM) WT Emmerson Coldsteam Guards.

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RSM Emmerson left Arborfield in November 2001, shortly after which he was commissioned and is now a serving Major, having seen service in both Iraq & Afghanistan.