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It is with great sadness that I write the obituary of our close friend Adrian (Tom) Webber. Adrian was born in Delhi,  India during the last years of the Raj and Britain’s rule in  India. As an 8 year old he & his elder sister Gloria were  brought home to England in 1948 by their father & mother,  a day after the assassination of Gandhi. Adrian joined the  Army Apprentice School at Arborfield in 1957 at the age of  16  and took up the trade of a vehicle mechanic. From  there on Adrian was known by his middle name Tom.

Tom  reached the rank of A/T CSM of D Company and was  well respected by both his peers and juniors. He  passed out from Arborfield in December 1960 to serve in  the Regular Army, but he didn’t enjoy his vehicle trade  work preferring the regimental side of life. Tom met Janet  his wife to be in 1962 and got married in 1964. Tom  decided not to sign on at the 9 year point and left the Army  in 1969 as a full corporal. On leaving he took up several  jobs before starting at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory  in  the Atlas Computing Centre where he retired in  2005.

Tom was an active member of the Arborfield Old Boys  Association who regularly supported and attended the  annual reunions.

Unfortunately Tom passed away peacefully in his own  cherished garden on the 29 April 2014. He will be sadly  missed by all his family and friends.

Tom leaves his wife – Janet. Children – Susan & Colin.  Grandchildren – James, Phil, Tom and now hopefully has  been reunited with Ben (deceased in 2006)

Great Grandchildren – Freya, Josh & Poppy.   Sister – Gloria.

Roger Traves 57A

Notifying Deaths of Ex Arborfield Boys and requests for an AOBA Remembrance Scroll

Reporting Deaths

In the event of an ex Arborfield Old Boys death it would be most helpful if members could report as much of the following information to the Bereavement Officer or to any AOBA Committee member: The full name of the deceased, his intake number and date of death. Also the full name and address of the next of kin (n-o-k) of the deceased. Normally who ever reports the death is a friend or is known to the family and it is better that they negotiate on our behalf, with the n-o-k or family, not myself or committee members to obtain all the necessary information.

Note: After some drumhead services a few members mentioned that some deaths were not read out and no crosses were planted for them. Majority of the names mentioned were found to be from the previous year and were recorded, a small number were not. The reason why we miss some is because we have not been informed or we have insufficient information to record the death. Members are reminded to report deaths as and when they are aware of them. If you know of an ex Arborfield boy who has passed away and is not listed in the AOBA Roll of Honour (Can be seen on the AOBA Website) then please let me have their details.

A request for an AOBA Remembrance Scroll

I would like to remind members that I do not automatically send out a Remembrance Scroll when I’m notified of a death.  I only send them when requested by whoever has made contact with the family of the deceased and only then when the n-o-k has confirmed that they would like to receive one.  Remembrance Scrolls can be requested in the memory of the deceased for both AOBA members and non members. The minimum information required, before a scroll is sent, is listed in sub paragraphs a. & b. below:

a. Full name of the deceased, his intake number and date of death.

b. The n-o-k or family member’s full name, ensuring that we have their first name, and the address to where the scroll should be sent.

c. If a member of the AOBA his membership number, if available.

When it has been confirmed that the n-o-k of the deceased has requested a Remembrance Scroll, I will only send one if I have all the detail as listed in sub paragraphs a. & b. above. I will not send a scroll until I’m in receipt of all this detail. As you can imagine, if we get any of this detail wrong, it could cause extra grief to the bereaved.

You can contact me through the completion of the short webform found here