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Friday, February 28, 2020

Website Status and News


17/01/2020 David Charles Naylor 55A Funeral arrangement ( See recent sad loses)
17/12/2019 OBAN 75 December 2019 is now published and is available to members
13/12/2019 Gala Reunion news for those who attend the Gala dinner. Go to Reunions on the banner menu
09/12/2019 AANM Reunion poster published. Go Reunions / Other Reunions. Quick link
05/12/2019 Important 14 members with no address information. Members with no address data
04/12/2019 AOBA Constitution - Minor typo amendments & Data Protection act changed to 2018 from 1998
02/12/2019 Application / Consent Form updated to Version 5 - Treasurer's address updated
21/11/2019 Death of Charles Newnham Bramely 38.& Funeral  arrangements ( See recent sad loses)
21/11/2019 Death of Alec Powell 64C & Funeral  arrangements ( See recent sad loses)
30/10/2019 Death of George Wooley 43A & Funeral arrangements ( See recent sad loses)
22/10/2019 Next Committee meeting updated
22/10/2019 Association History added to History section - Formation of the Association
14/10/2019 Reunion Section updated with next year's 2020 Gala weekend.
11/10/2019 AOBA AGM Reunion - Hinkley 2020 Booking douments - See Document Centre - Applications
11/10/2019 Roll of Honour 2019 uploaded
11/10/2019 AOBA- AGM 2019 Minutes published in the Document Centre. For member access only
07/10/2019 New Hinkley 2020 application douments have been recieved and to be published shortly
07/10/2019 New member section added to Document Centre.showing Arborfield Apprentice Volumes. Links to 1960 Autumn published with request from OBAN editor for more submissions
07/10/2019 Application Form / GDPR Consnt form updated as Member secrtary address has changed. Now V4
18/09/2019 OBAN Issue 74 published for members to access
29/06/2019 AOBA Reunion 2019 Attendance Intake year summary Final update


The death of Lt.Col Alan J Morton MBE 51B
28/06/2019 Recent Sad Losses updated
05/06/2019 AOBA 2019 Reunion update Total Gala Dinner attendees now 184
28/05/2019 New members added  ( 2 x 69C, 1 x 69B, 1 x 65C & 1 x 74C)
09/05/2019 Recent Sad Losses updated
09/05/2019 Warning! If AOBA cannot obtain GDPR consent from Members (thus not enabling AOBA to validate user credentials & obtaining Members consent) their website user accounts will be closed. Please visit Document Centre / Application forms , download the application form and for existing members complete page 1 and send to the AOBA webmaster.
09/05/2019 New AOBA members list (Since 2018 AGM) has been updated
09/05/2019 27 User Accounts who have not used the site since 01/01/2017 have been deleted
09/05/2019 56 User accounts who have never used the website since 2015 have been deleted
08/05/2019 Issue date edit to Reunion latest news (figures not impacted) and OBAN Issue changed from 72 to 73
01/05/2019 AOBA Reunion 2019 Intake year summary list updated as at 30/04/2019. There has been some cancellations however figures are up. Please check link
16/04/2019 AOBA Reunion 2019 Intake year summary list updated. Another due in next 4 to 5 days
30/03/2019 OBAN 73 now available to members in the document section
19/03/2019 AOBA Reunion 2019 Intake year summary list published

Reminder - AOBA Reunion 2019 - 12th - 14th July 2019 - Get your applications in.

Forms available on website.

04/03/2019 OBAN Editor looking for fresh articles from members for the OBAN 74 edition

AOBA looking for fresh ideas for the website to provide a more dynamic feel.

If any member has any ideas of what they would like to see please contact the Webmaster

01/03/2019 New Members updated. Many from the 1969 intake! Its their year at the 2019 AGM
19/02/2019  OBAN Issue showed incorrect current issue (71) Amended to show 72

 AGM Reunion booking forms added for access to current members only

- Go to Application documents/forms

16/02/2019  Next Committee meeting details updated
16/02/2019  Committee Member Contact URLS regenerated as some were out of date.

 Website Failure - Due to an upgrade the site failed.

It was restored to 12/02/2019 on the 14/02/2019 - Investigation as to why is ongoing.

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