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Friday, April 19, 2019

New Members

The AOBA welcome the following old boys who have joined us since our last AGM in 2018. Our 2019 AGM focus  is on the '69 ers and welcome as it appears you have joined enmass!

Joseph Timmins 45A
David Wilton 57B
Edward Clarkson 63A
Peter Smith 63B
Gunter Webster 64B
Douglas Beazer 64C
Philip Hammond 69A
Eric Chapman 69A
Timothy Doyland 69A
David Bishop 69B
Sydney Hale 69B
Peter Cuckoo 69C
Michael Crook 69C
Malcom Emery 69C
John Hazel 69C
John Morgan 69C
David Norman 69C
Stephen Benson 69C
Robert Curran 69C
Tony Phillips 66C
Gareth Bassett 69C
Alan Benson 69C
John Howlett 70B
Mark Thomas 75C
Thomas Wilkins 76C
Lee Hanna 79A

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